SEGA and Creative Assembly have released some all new gameplay for Total War: WARHAMMER, this time showing off the Dwarfs campaign. Check it out below:

“As a Dwarf player, two of your key objectives are to recapture the fallen Dwarf Strongholds scattered through the Badlands and to clear the Great Book of Grudges. Each Grudge recorded over time comes with specific fulfilment conditions and rewards. But be warned, the Dwarfs are proud and quarrelsome! As your campaign progresses, slights against you will generate a rapidly increasing list of scores to settle, and the more outstanding grudges, the more the Dwarfs will grumble…”

I’ll admit, I don’t have much experience with the Total War franchise, but given how cool the Warhammer universe is I can’t help but to feel a little excited for Total War: Warhammer. It’s coming to PC, Mac and Linux on April 28th 2016 – you can check the game out on its Steam page through this link.