Deep Silver have lifted the lid on what I think is one of the finest special editions of a video game I’ve seen – Homefront: The Revolution ‘Goliath Edition’. Why is it so great you ask? Well, it come’s with a remote control drone for one…

Homefront: The Revolution

“Alongside a boxed copy of the game, the Goliath Edition includes:

· A radio controlled scale replica ‘Goliath’ Drone, with working lights and six-wheel suspension. The Apex-manufactured Goliath is one of the most fearsome weapons in the KPA’s Counter-Insurgency arsenal
– An exclusive Steel Book

– A 32 page Art Book featuring Resistance-themed concept art and cutting edge Apex weapon and vehicle technology

– The ‘Revolutionary Spirit’ pack

– The Homefront: The Revolution Expansion Pass, entitling access to major single-player expansions – further information to be revealed at a later date”

So yeah, this is a special edition I think I need to own. That drone looks awesome! Deep Silver also released some details about the pre-order bonuses for Homefront: The Revolution.

Homefront: The Revolution

“Pre-Order Homefront: The Revolution to secure the REVOLUTIONARY SPIRIT pack, which includes both the Red Skull motorbike skin and Golden pistol skin for use in the single-player campaign, and instant unlocks of the Marksman Rifle, Sniper Scope and Remote Explosives for your Resistance Mode character.

All Digital pre-orders come with the LIBERTY PACK, featuring two pieces of rare combat gear unlocked and ready to personalise your Co-Op character with – the Liberty Body Armour and KPA Shock Trooper Helmet.

Further pre-order bonuses are available with selected retailers in each territory:

– Kickstart your Co-Op Freedom Fighter’s career with the GUERRILLA CARE PACKAGE – 5 ‘Resistance Crates’ full of random weapon blueprints, attachments, equipment and more!

– Wage guerrilla warfare in style with the WING SKULL PACK, including the Wing Skull motorbike skin and the Silver Pistol skin in the single-player campaign

– Enhance your guerrilla skills with the COMBAT STIMULANT PACK to give your Freedom Fighter a critical boost in the heat of battle!

– Limited edition Steel Books, and Steel Posters are also available from selected retailers worldwide”

Homefront: The Revolution

Man, I’m excited for this game… and the drone. Ok, maybe I’m a little bit more excited for the game than the drone, but still… I want that drone!!

Homefront: The Revolution launches on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 17th.