French indie developers Wako Factory have launched a Steam Greenlight campaign for their upcoming hand painted 2D beat ’em up Samurai Riot. Not seen the game in action? Check it out below:

“Take on the role of Sukane or Tsurumaru and set off on an adventure in a hand-painted 2D universe that opposes tradition and modernity. Fight against huge Sumo wrestlers with law enforcement shields, or with trigger-happy enemies, or even against creatures straight out of Japanese mythology! Samurai Riot offers a multi-branching scenario with progressive levels of difficulty, which on top of its noticeable replay value adds a truly immersive experience within the world and the stories of both characters.

Choose to co-op and follow the same path as your partner, or choose to disagree and battle it out during a PvP fight. Any decision you make will greatly impact your story, which can lead to 8 alternative endings.

Enter the civil war by playing an enigmatic Ninja, or an honourable Samurai, and make your own decisions in order to resolve the unstable political situation, surrounded by stunning 2D hand-painted landscapes. Adopt the airy gameplay of the energetic Sukane, helped by her little fox Azu, or pick the robust gameplay of the formidable Tsurumaru armed with its sharpened katana, to knock all of your enemies to the ground. The game is also playable in solo, for those who would like to take on this adventure alone!”

So I’m really digging Samurai Riot. I mean, who doesn’t like a good 2D co-op beat ’em up? The graphics look fantastic too – it’s certainly an attractive game. It deserves it’s place on Steam.

You can vote for Samurai Riot on Steam Greenlight by clicking this link. The game is coming to PC, Mac and Linux sometime in 2016.