Bethesda and id Software have released a brand new trailer for upcoming first person shooter DOOM, this time highlighting the nine multiplayer maps you’ll get to battle across. Check it out below:

Bethesda also revealed some brand new details about the maps over on their blog.

Here’s the full list of multiplayer maps available at DOOM’s launch:

  • Excavation. A modest-sized UAC mining outpost. Watch out for the rock grinder!
  • Infernal. A mid-sized Hell map with both interior and exterior elements. Lots of platforms and chasms, along with teleporters.
  • Chasm. This massive map takes you deep below the polar ice caps of Mars. A great place to play Freeze Tag.
  • Disposal. This smaller map is the main waste processing facility for the UAC research and residential complexes. Unsurprisingly, it’s full of radioactive slime.
  • Helix. This is where they experiment on demons and develop advanced weaponry. Which, naturally, makes it perfect for a quick round of Clan Arena.
  • Perdition. Disjointed and sadistic, this ancient arena is populated by the agonized moans of unfortunate souls who have suffered within its realm.
  • Sacrilegious. Set within a fracture of Hell, this map offers clear lines of sight. Move fast… or die faster.
  • Heatwave. An industrial UAC facility with glistening halls that will soon be slicked with human (and demon) blood.
  • Beneath. Before being beamed to Earth, the energies of Hell are harnessed in this symmetrical and cavernous location.


Along with what we showed in the video, a few more notes about the maps:

  • Some maps include one- or two-way teleporters. Both humans and demons can use these, but weapon-fire can’t be teleported. (So don’t get cute and try to shoot rockets through a teleporter!)
  • Need to leap to the top of a level? Look for a bounce pad. Both humans and demons can use these to quickly ascend to new heights.
  • Like any good multiplayer map, you’ll find both explosive barrels and hazard canisters throughout. The former does exactly what you expect; the latter not only explodes but leaves behind hazardous slime – which, for a limited time, will continue to deliver damage to anyone unlucky enough to run through the glowing green muck.
  • Speaking of green muck, some levels are surrounded by radioactive slime, which will harm humans. Fire will also deal damage to humans, as will energy/plasma (with the potential here for an instant kill, depending on the severity of the hazard). Demons are immune to all three of these hazards.
  • And, as always, avoid lava and pits of death. Both are instant kills for humans and demons.”


Every new detail I find out about DOOM just get’s me more excited. The beta is coming soon for those who pre-ordered Wolfenstein: The New Order, so hopefully I’ll be joining some of you in some gruesome killing on these maps very soon!

DOOM is coming to Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 13th 2016 – to find out more, visit the official website through this link.