Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios have revealed a new trailer for Homefront: The Revolution titled ‘Ignite’, as well as revealing new details about the games ‘Hearts and Minds’ progression system. Check out the trailer below:

Playing as freedom fighter Ethan Brady, the ultimate goal in Homefront is to inspire the people to rise up against the brutal military occupation and ignite the revolution.

‘Hearts and Minds’ represents the state of uprising across the oppressed Yellow Zones of occupied Philadelphia, and will increase as the player performs acts of resistance, such as destroying KPA infrastructure.

The open world dynamically transforms around the player as Hearts and Minds increases – a once cowed civilian population will join the player in acts of defiance, and the entire Zone will evolve from a state of lockdown to open revolution on the streets.

It’s a pretty epic trailer featuring plenty of action, explosions and a pretty sweet song playing in the background. I’m getting really pumped for Homefront: The Revolution – despite the focus on an action packed experience the trailers that have been released are pretty powerful. Also, let’s not forget there’s a sweet remote control drone included with the ‘Goliath Edition’ of the game…

Homefront: The Revolution launches on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 17th.