Ratalaika Games have announced that their tomb protecting title Defend Your Crypt has hit Steam Greenlight – you can check the game out in the Greenlight trailer below:

Defend Your Crypt puts players in the skin of a pharaoh that awakens from his eternal sleep to face the grave robbers who want to plunder his precious treasures. His main weapon to stop them will be a variety of traps placed around the tomb.

Retro style: Like many of our games, Defend Your Crypt will have retro pixel art. In addition, we will lean toward Egyptian style.

Trap variety: The game will contain classic traps such as open platforms, which can make robbers fall onto spikes, and also water traps or killer scorpions and beetles. Ah, and flamethrowers, those can’t fail!

Gore: In Ratalaika Games, we know you like blood, so we have included it. A lot of it. Killing the robbers won’t be enough. ”If it bleeds, we can kill it”, and we’re taking it to the limit. (If you don’t like blood, you can deactivate it)

Levels: As a good pharaoh, you had many hidden crypts that nobody knew about, so get ready to annihilate every robber in a large variety of levels.

Robbers with feelings: No robber is heartless. Throughout the game, players will see robbers in different moods, and they will also interact with each other a little bit. Seeing a hallway full of blood could make a robber sad and break his heart…

Prepare yourself to face the incredible waves of robbers, your hands must be quick to control all the traps… Defend your crypt!”

Defend Your Crypt

I’m really digging the vibe of Defend Your Crypt – the gameplay looks simplistic yet fun, the art style is neat and there’s plenty of pixel gore for those sadistic gamers into that sort of thing. It kinda remind me of an anti-Lemmings.

Defend Your Crypt is seeking your votes on Steam Greenlight now – click here to check out the Steam Greenlight page.