Devolver Digital and developers Pixel Titans have not only confirmed that their blood-soaked 1996 throwback FPS STRAFE will come out early 2017, but they’ve also revealed a brand new trailer for the game too – check it out below:

“Known to its previous victims as “the fastest, bloodiest, deadliest, most adjective-abusing, action-packed first-person shooter of 1996,” STRAFE has pushed the limits of computer-generated photorealism and hardcore sci-fi action so far, it’s doomed the human species to a fate so terrifying, so unreal, that billions quake at the mere thought of not getting a chance to play it on release day.

Devolver was also drawn to STRAFE’s roguelike elements, with randomly-generated levels, enemies, secrets and monster closets that promise infinite replayability with pure mayhem every time. Players simply grab a gun, teleport into a unique level set, and paint the walls red, with ÜBER-GORE® technology that allows for ludicrously persistent gibs.”

STRAFE is looking rad – seriously, I haven’t been so blown away by a shooter since 1996. The game is so intense that you’ll become a “boiling puddle of entrails” – those aren’t my words but the publishers, though I have faith that the description may be accurate…

With four unique zones to play through, over thirty weapons and over twenty different enemies types there’ll be a ton to blast through. Like literally blast through. To pieces. Look at this screenshot below to see what I mean:


STRAFE is coming to PC, Mac and Linux sometime during early 2017. It’ll also be coming to Oculus Rift – the thought of playing the game in VR does frighten me though…