Developer Pyrodactyl have released a new trailer for their upcoming robotic rogue-like shooter Good Robot – check it out below:

Good Robot is a fast-paced shoot ‘em up with roguelike elements. As the only remaining Good Robot, you must navigate procedurally generated labyrinths and wipe out the berserk robots who have scoured the colony.”

I’m really digging the look of Good Robot. I love the silhouette aesthetic style, plus the action looks really hectic and fun. I’m looking forward to trying it out. There’s been some interesting information released for the game ahead of it’s launch next month, including the following interview:

“Former smartphone assistant and current CEO of PyroCorp, Ajit Castellano, has used some controversial means of publicity in the buildup to the launch of Good Robot.

Today, we discuss one such event – the famous Pizzaland incident – with the robotics mogul. For some reason, we decided a game developer (Arvind, from Pyrodactyl) was the right person to conduct this interview.

Arvind: Let’s get right to it – did your robot pizza chef slash a man to pieces with a military laser, put him on a pizza and then serve him to a table of safety inspectors?
AC: It’s unfortunate, but not our fault. We had explicitly warned the restaurant to keep customers with fungal infections away from the food preparation area, and the customer in question had a minor case of athlete’s foot.

Arvind: Why should that…
AC: The robot mistook him for a mushroom.

Arvind: The CCTV footage was shocking. Are you afraid that might affect sales of the chefbot model?
AC: It had better affect them! It proves our chefbot’s reflecting laser attack works exactly as advertised.

Arvind: And a chefbot needs a laser because…
AC: You want it to be helpless if the robot busboy’s grenade launcher malfunctions? Okay, sicko.

Arvind: Why not just remove weapons from all the robots?
AC: I hear you, but at this point no human is capable of stopping these robots long enough to disarm them. Do you wanna be the guy to chase down a flying flamethrower bot?

Arvind: No, but…
AC: Not to worry, though! We at PyroCorp always have the answer. Presenting, the “Good Robot” – the final word in automated violent peacekeeping. It can evade any weapon system on the planet. It’s compatible with every weapon currently on the market – plasma grenades, cluster missiles, you name it. It passed field tests everywhere in the colony – downtown, scrapyard, underwater, even that district that’s always on fire, and it passed all with flying colors.

Arvind: And this will take down any rogue robots? Even the spiders?
AC: Especially the spiders. Hand to god – if every robot in this entire colony went crazy at the same time, it would still have a fighting chance. And what are the odds of that?”

I love it when games have a sense of humour with their press releases – developer Pyrodactyl seem to have it in abudance.

Good Robot

Good Robot is coming to PC on April 5th 2016 – you can check out its Steam page through this link.