Developers DotEmu have announced that Pang Adventures, a modern iteration of the classic arcade title Pang, is now available on PC, console and mobile devices. You can check out a trailer for the game below:

Pang Adventures brings new features and gameplay to this arcade legend while staying true to the original series’ spirit:

Local co-op (Steam & console only) / online co-op (Steam only)
Play with a friend in all game modes. Join the party whenever you want!
Three different ball-busting modes:
Tour Mode – Defeat the alien forces one battlefield at a time!
Score Attack – Save the world with only three lives and NO CONTINUES! A true arcade experience!
Panic Mode – Bust balls like a boss! 99 levels of continuous battle puts your skills and stamina to the ultimate test!
● From the frozen Arctic to scorching Death Valley, discover 100+ levels worldwide!
New weapons: Machine guns, flamethrowers, lasers, shurikens, – you name it, the Pang Bros. have it, along with a few surprises up their sleeves. Blast through levels with more options than ever before!
Boss fights: For the first time in history the Pang Brothers square off against nefarious Alien Commanders, each with personalized mechanics. Be methodical or be dead!
New balls: Electric, explosive, smoke, lava, all with your name on them. Find the best way to repel these death-dealers!
Leaderboards: Use razor-sharp reflexes to make an awesome run and carve your name amongst the greats!
Each new version is unique: The Steam version offers an online multiplayer mode. The mobile version offers a completely redesigned interface adapted for touch. There’s something for everyone!

I loved playing Pang when I was younger, so it’ll be great to re-visit the series in Pang Adventures – let’s get ball busting!

Pang Adventures

Pang Adventures is available now on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Steam, iOS and Android.