Developers Space Budgie have confirmed that their cyberspace reprogramming puzzler Glitchspace will release on PC, Mac and Linux on May 5th 2016. You can check out the launch trailer for the game below:

Glitchspace is a game about reprogramming the world around you to solve puzzles. Set inside a Mondrian-Inspired cyberspace world, you use visual programming to manipulate environmental geometry, whilst discovering key programming concepts along the way. Stretch, scale, rotate, manipulate and create, explore and learn from a world of reprogrammable geometry and unlock the secrets that it has to offer.

– A Reprogrammable World – Explore a Mondrian-inspired world of reprogrammable geometry.
– A Reprogrammable Tool – Modify Null through the functions you uncover, allowing you to craft your own programs.
– A Programming Experience – Uncover and learn key programming concepts through the puzzles you solve.
– Story Mode – Discover the cyberspace world of Glitchspace by finding glitches and exploiting them.
– Sandbox Mode – Craft programs to your hearts content: with your toolbox of functions anything goes!
– Oculus Rift Support – Includes DK1 & DK2.


Glitchspace is coming to PC, Mac and Linux on May 5th 2016 – you can check out the game’s Steam page by clicking this link.