There’s a ton of action packed titles coming out on VR platforms, but there are also some interesting titles that offer a more unique experience. Take Daydream Blue for example – it’s been described by the developers as a ‘camping simulator’. You can take a look at the game in action below:

Daydream Blue sounds really neat, offering an experience that will let you unwind in peace whilst having fun interacting with the world around you.

We recently got a chance to speak to Richard Hoagland from developers RalphVR about Daydream Blue and the unique experience it offers players – check it out below:

Q. How would you describe Daydream Blue to someone who had never heard of the game?

Daydream Blue is a camping simulator–if the simulation was being run by an eight year old. On the surface it looks like hanging around a lake in a stylized cartoon world. But the more you dig in and explore Daydream Blue, the more you are rewarded with surprises, mini-games, and the unexpected.

Daydream Blue

Q. The world of Daydream Blue looks harmonious and peaceful, so it’ll be nice to be able to put on a VR headset and unwind there. What made you decide to develop the game for VR devices and what do you think the implementation of VR brings to the game?

We started Daydream Blue for the Oculus Mobile VR Jam, April 2015. We knew we were making a game for VR, specifically the GearVR. We asked ourselves what we would want to do in VR. What you can’t do without VR. And what we had not seen other people try to do in VR. Daydream Blue was the answer to our questions.

Q. The relaxing world of Daydream Blue focuses on interacting with the objects around you. What sort of objects will the player get to interact with in-game?

There are items you can pick up, throw around, put away in your backpack and combine in the fire to craft new items. These are items like wood, stones, a hatchet, etc.. Then there are items like the dart gun and golf ball, which you take to a specific spot in the world to begin playing a mini-game, such as a 2D golf game kind of like Desert Golf, or a UFO shooting minigame. There are more things to interact with, but the last one I will list here is your pet robot, Ralph. You can play fetch with him, feed him, or make him mad if you are a jerk 😛

Daydream Blue

Q. I’ve read that in Daydream Blue ‘you don’t have to move around the world, we move the world for you’. How exactly does that work?

We warp the player from point to point. We do this to avoid discomfort in players who might suffer from motion sickness. We also trigger games, such as golf, by changing the mountains on the horizon procedurally to generate infinite holes to play. So the original camping location becomes the place to play golf when you throw the golf ball off unto the horizon. We want to spend more time exploring how we can modify/mold the world around the player in our updates too.

Q. There’s a Robot companion that joins you during your time with Daydream Blue. How does the Robot tie into the experience?

The robot is named Ralph and is you friend and buddy! We wanted a companion for the player for when they are not playing online with friends. Right now we are working on an update that will let you play the basketball game of Horse with Ralph, if your friends are not around. We want to keep adding ways to play and hang out with Ralph the Robot.

Daydream Blue

Q. I’ve seen that there’s a multiplayer option for the game too. What sort of things will we get to do with our friends?

Everything you do in single player you can do with your friends in multiplayer. You can play golf against your friends, compete at shooting UFOs, or just goof off together. It is really fun just to hang out in the lake with friends. We are building more games to add even more ways to compete against or play with your friends.

Q. What inspired you to create Daydream Blue as opposed to just another action game?

We wanted to make something unlike what people were building in VR, something that could help people relax, make them smile, connect them with friends. I love action games, but I also love a unique experience, a relaxing experience, and one you can share with others.

Daydream Blue

Q. When will Daydream Blue be available and across what platforms?

Daydream Blue is already available on GearVR. We are planning to release on Oculus Rift by mid May. What is cool, is that you will be able to play multiplayer with people on both GearVR and Rift. We hope to bring Daydream Blue to more platforms later in 2016. There are so many cool VR systems  we want to port the game to!

Q. Finally, can you tell us something about Daydream Blue that no-one outside of the development team knows?

We have voice commands and there are certain commands you can give Ralph. It is not listed anywhere, but if you tell Ralph to dance there is a chance he will do a move for you 🙂

Daydream Blue

Daydream Blue is coming to us from developers RalphVR – you can find out more about on their official website by clicking this link.