Developers Gato Salvaje Studio have announced that their run ‘n shooter Bullshot will hit Steam this week for PC, Mac and Linux. Check out the launch trailer below:

Bullshot is a gun and run side-scrolling game, typical in 8 and 16-bits games from the early and mid-90s such as Abuse, Contra or Metal Slug. With the characteristic control scheme from these games, you move the protagonist with the keyboard and aim (and shoot) using the mouse. The dynamic of the game entails defeating all the enemies who show up in each level and solving some easy puzzles, generally activating switches. The player will need to help the main character Franky to defeat all the cardesian enemies and their robots as he frees his Valerian partners.

20 light years away from the space station AR-K sits planet Valer, inhabited by the peaceful valerians. After years of war, invaders, the terrible cardesians, rule over its citizens with an iron fist, depriving them of all freedom.
The evil cardesians try to crush any attempt of resistance, but Valerian Franky F. Frank, president of the Bulls of Anarchy, hides his real identity to finish them off from the inside and free his race from the cardesian yoke.

Bullshot hits PC, Mac and Linux on April 7th 2016. You can check out the Steam page by clicking this link.