Developers Urban Games have revealed the debut trailer for Transport Fever, a transport simulation title that draws upon over 150 years of transport history. You can check out the reveal trailer below:

Whether by land or sea or air, Transport Fever draws upon 150+ years of history with over 120 detailed trains, aircraft, ships, buses, trams, and trucks that age as time passes.

Construct stations, harbors, and airports, linking hubs of trade to meet the needs of evolving cities and shifting populations. Upgrade your infrastructure to keep up with the times and connect cargo chains to enable economic growth as you establish your transportation empire.

Let your imagination run wild in Transport Fever’s endless mode, or put your planning skills to the test in campaign mode with historically inspired missions from Europe and North America. Creating new roads and rails is simple with Transport Fever’s flexible tools, as it features arguably the most intuitive and powerful track construction tools ever seen in a game. This allows any player to easily adapt to, or even modify, the randomly generated terrain. But the fun doesn’t have to end here, as there will be a wealth of content available to players thanks to game’s extensive modding support through Steam Workshop, which allows players to further explore the depth of their imaginations and create brand new empires.

All of this adds up to make Transport Fever the next generation of transport simulation games, and helps it to represent the next step forward in the genre that the beloved Transport Tycoon series breathed life into so many years ago.

Transport Tycoon was a favourite of mine years ago, so I’m really interested in Transport Fever. It looks stunning, plus it looks really flexible and easy to play. I’ll definitely be giving it a try when it releases.

Transport Fever

Transport Fever is coming to PC, Mac and Linux sometime during Q3 2016.