European Nintendo fans eager to get their hands on Yo-Kai Watch don’t have too much longer to wait – the eagerly anticipated 3DS title hits European territories tomorrow! A new theme song trailer has been released to celebrate the news:

In YO-KAI WATCH players will investigate strange goings on in their town of Springdale, where the hundreds of mischievous and invisible Yo-kai are behind many of the problems facing local residents. As the owner of the powerful Yo-kai Watch, a watch with a lens that allows the normally hidden Yo-kai to be seen, players will need to befriend as many colorful Yo-kai as they can and rely on their help in protecting the town from a mysterious force. With unique and funny characters, a large town full of shops, parks and bustling city streets to explore, plus hundreds of quests to complete, YO-KAI WATCH offers Nintendo 3DS owners a uniquely fun experience for all ages.

Yo-Kai Watch will be available digitally and physically exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS in Europe tomorrow – North American gamers can play it now!