In Just Deserts players will step into the combat boots of a soldier who must defend Aquarine City, which has fallen under attack by a mysterious and violent race of aliens. Assigned to a troop of highly-skilled and dangerously captivating girls, players will set out to save humankind and maybe even capture the heart of their dream girl(s) in the process.

With a wide spectrum of fun activities to engage in, a robust management system, hundreds of in-game items to use and collect, mini battles, and more, Just Desertslooks to keep players enlisted and engaged for countless hours. So, mark it down on a calendar, because the Just Deserts tour of duty begins Monday, July 11 on Steam!

Key Features:
·         5 unique heroines with different personalities and interests
·         Full English voice acting for each heroine
·         3 in-game languages (English, Indonesian, and Japanese)
·         7 different endings, based on your status with each of the heroines
·         List of activities which can be done alone or together with your favorite heroine
·         Management system with energy, health, money, day/night time, and love status
·         Mini battles with the aliens
·         Hundreds of items to use as gifts, food, or aide in battle
·         Travel across the desert area and within the city
·         A beautiful soundtrack composed by Ecky from the Vesuvia Circle
·         Steam Trading Cards and Achievements

Just Deserts is coming to PC, Mac and Linux on July 11th 2016.