EMTEC have announced that they will be bringing Android gaming and Gamefly Streaming to our TVs with the GEM Box when it hits Europe sometime during August 2016. Not heard of the GEM Box? Check it out in the video below:

The GEM Box is an all-in-one entertainment solution, bringing the biggest video games and best entertainment to the whole family without the high price.

The GEM Box allows you to stream Triple-A console games through the GameFly Streaming Service, giving gamers and families alike access to high-quality games including, titles from the LEGO series, Batman Arkham Origins, Tomb Raider, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, Sleeping Dogs, Alan Wake and many more.

The GEM Box connects to the Google Play Store, where tons of Android games, all compatible with the GEM Pad or GEM Motion controllers are available for download.

The EMTEC gaming team are making it even easier to find awesome Android games to play and will be constantly updating the Gem Box Gem Store with the best games around. These pre-selected games are all playable with the GEM Pad or GEM Motion controller with up to 4 friends, and you can even install emulators to play your favourite retro-games. Thanks to the GEM Stream application, you can also stream your PC games (playable with gamepad) straight to your TV.

Lost your internet connection? No problem! The Gem Box comes with four pre-installed Gameloft games:  Asphalt 8, GTR 2, My Little Pony and Wonder Zoo.

The GEM Box package includes an Android box, a Bluetooth gamepad and can support up to 4
gamepads locally.

The Gem Box is hitting Europe sometime during August 2016 – it’ll be available for 99,99 € (additional GEM Pad and GEM Motion remote controls available for 39,99€). You can find out more on the official website by clicking this link.