There’s more to being a cop than car chases and gunfights. This ain’t a movie, after all. You’re going to need thick skin, a fresh citation book, and seriously comfy shoes to make it as a beat cop in this city. Just go easy on the doughnuts.

Travel back to the streets of 1980s NYC as former detective Jack Kelly. Framed for murder, demoted to the lowest ranks, and forgotten by old pals, this is your last chance to uncover the truth behind this terrible mess. Just don’t forget about writing tickets. You’re a beat cop, after all.

And, in addition to awesome storytelling, Beat Cop has all the cool extra you love in games, like cool pixel-art, multiple endings, ’80s nostalgia, and humor to make your mother blush.

Beat Cop is coming to PC, Mac, and Linux on March 30th 2017. Find out more on the game’s Steam page through this link.