Unearthing Mars is a VR adventure game set on the mysterious Red Planet. As Co-Pilot of the retrieval team, the player will have the full experience of a space explorer on Mars.

Unearthing Mars provides hours of unique gameplay experiences, ranging from navigating a landing craft through a sandstorm to driving a Mars rover. From puzzle-solving to first-person shooting, the game will allow players to resolve challenges from a variety of game genres.

The Unearthing Mars experience comprises of 10 different stages, each with its own unique gameplay mechanic, while advancing the story of a space expedition team trying to unravel the secrets of Mars. Players will be taking the role of the co-pilot, a member of the retrieval team sent to recover fragments of the mysterious Phobos satellite, believed to hold clues to the possibility of an ancient civilization on Mars. As you can tell, this isn’t a documentary-type VR experience, but really something that plays more like a good science fiction novel.

Unearthing Mars is coming to Playstation VR on March 7th 2017. Find out more on the official website through this link.