Paragon’s latest Hero, the magical whip-wielding Yin, has just been announced. Watch her lash, smash and slash her way through enemies in a brand new video. Yin will be available to play on March 14 in Paragon, Epic Games’ free-to-play PC and PlayStation 4 MOBA.

Yin is a carry who wields a lethal whip and uses wind magic to quickly dispatch her enemies. Yin will be available for free as part of Paragon’s Tuesday, March 14 update. Epic Games also released a reveal video which will give you your first chance to see this hybrid melee carry in action. Additionally, you can find her full abilities list below.

  • Backlash (RMB/R1) – Yin cracks her whip, dealing damage in an area in front of her. If enemy projectiles are hit by the whip, they will be reflected back towards the enemy.
  • Lash Kick (Q/Square) –  Yin swings her whip, pulling herself to a target, and then jumps off of their head dealing damage.
  • Windburn (E/Circle) – Yin reaches with her whip, increasing the range of her basic attack as well as gaining cleave.
  • Quelling Gale (R/Triangle) – Yin surrounds herself in a whirlwind, displacing all enemies within range. For 5 seconds, the whirlwind will slow enemies and enemy projectiles that travel through it.

Yin will be available in Paragon on March 14th 2017.

Paragon is in free Open Beta right now on the Playstation 4 and PC – you can find out more on the game’s official website through this link.