Kova is a side-scrolling RPG set in a distant, technologically-advanced future when humans have colonized planets across galaxies – and it’s strongly influenced by the Fermi Paradox’s scientific implications.

You’ll play as Kova Rimor, a space mercenary who accidentally comes across a foreign beacon, and investigates the mystery behind it as she explores different planets. You’ll interact with friends and foes alike in branching conversations, battle hostile forces and take on side missions to increase the abilities of your weapons, suit and ship, metroidvania-style.

– Features –

  • Join one of three factions, each with their own perks, missions and dialog options
  • Craft shift upgrades, ammo and other items
  • FPS-like combat controls paired-down for 2D, allowing you to fully aim and control trajectory
  • Take on side missions to get information and earn credits, so you can upgrade your skills, ship and weapons
  • Uncover one of the universe’s greatest mysteries by collecting and analyzing beacons
  • Explore a variety of planets with their own distinct atmosphere, different town hubs and side-missions to take on.

You can vote for Kova on Steam Greenlight through this link. I personally think it’s certainly worth voting for – the game looks great.

Kova is releasing later in 2017 on PC and other platforms. Find out more on the official website through this link.