Form the resistance and prepare for revolution as independent video game developer We The Force announces today that its sci-fi brawling platformer Randall will release on PlayStation 4 and PC on May 30th.

Set in a dystopian world where society lives under the constant surveillance and absolute power of a malicious dictator, players take control of Randall, a powerful telepath with a touch of schizophrenia. As Randall players will start the uprising against the government by slugging it out with enemies, solving puzzles, and using mind-control powers to control and play as every single character on screen, seamlessly swapping between them and exploiting every power that they have.

Randall was inspired by old-school brawling platformers and features a fresh twist on the genre by letting players use psychic abilities to control enemies and access their powers,” said César Molina, founder of We The Force. “These innovative controls come in handy when taking a stand against the game’s cruel authoritative regime and its brainwashed soldiers.”

Randall is coming to the Playstation 4 and PC on May 30th 2017. Check it out on Steam through this link.