Perp and Viewpoint Games are thrilled to announce that as of today PSVR gamers in Europe can strap on their helmets and join the fun in their charming VR racer. In VR Karts players can hop in the driver’s seat of their own customised kart and race against each other through stunning environments as they collect power ups and use weapons to gain the upper hand over other racers.

VR Karts features a host of mad weapons to bamboozle rival drivers, from beehive bombs to crippling EMP strikes which reverse an opponent’s steering. Players can use the unique head targeting that only VR can provide to take out rivals and cross the finish line first! Create your own style by selecting your kart and racer colours, then add custom props for extra style. Players can select from an array of helmets, visors and even choose their own horn sound. Learn each tracks shortcuts and hazards to shave a fractionof a second off your lap record and compete with other drivers using the lap time leaderboards.

VR Karts offers twelve unique tracks. Choose to race through a grand castle, boost across the line on a sunset beach or race wheel to wheel with rivals through a twisty cave circuit. Players can battle for first place in six player races across the different environments. Win races to climb the leaderboards and become the best online VR Racer! Prefer to play solo? Pit yourself against AI racers in Rookie, Amateur and Pro Cups which each feature unique tracks.

The fun and family-friendly racing game is designed specifically for Virtual Reality, making it an exceptionally smooth driving experience. VR Karts launched on Oculus and Vive in 2015 and the latest version introduces a host of new features. PSVR players can enjoy improved weapon handling and AI with more complex race tactics and weapons usage, a more realistic world scale for super comfortable VR racing and an improved collision system to control spin-outs. The PSVR release also features the new unique PlayStation control mode using the DualShock4 as a steering wheel and additional customisation prop packs are available via DLC.

“We always saw VR Karts as a console game so this launch is really special to us. We wanted to create a game that’s a joyful pick-up-and-play racer but at the same time an incredibly smooth VR experience and we’re so proud of the PSVR version.” said Neil Campbell, Co-founder of Viewpoint Games. “VR Karts really showcases just how fun racing games can be on VR. We’re looking to publish games that really demonstrate the best of their genre and Viewpoint Games have massively delivered,” said Rob Edwards, MD and Founder of Perp.

VR Karts is out now on Playstation VR – it’s also available on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Find out more on the official website through this link.