Super Rude Bear Resurrection, the ultra-tight masocore platformer that gets easier the more you die, is ready to bear arms and completely embearass your gaming skills.

Rude Bear is a hardcore platformer with a twist — every time you die, your corpse stays exactly where you left it, and with your next life you can use your dead body as a platform or meatshield to keep you alive. The game’s difficulty lowers with each death, meaning that anyone can beat it — but players looking for a real challenge can try to blitz the entire thing without dying at all.

And there’s plenty of game to die your way through, no word of a bearfaced lie. Rude Bear, our gangsta bear hero from East London, has been transported back in time to medieval England, to defeat his mortal nemesis, The Wizard.

You’ll come up against 6+ hours worth of challenges and obstacles, including numerous boss Guardians — and that’s before you even contemplate exploring the secrets and bonuses hidden away in Super Rude Bear Resurrection, racking your playtime up to 12 hours and beyond.

Super Rude Bear Resurrection is out now on the Playstation 4. It’s also coming to the PC on May 5th 2017 – find out more on the game’s Steam page through this link.