Today, independent developers BigBox VR and Archiact are proud to announce that they are bringing the multiplayer VR shooter hit, Smashbox Arena, to PlayStation VR in Summer 2017. The title will also be featured at CVR 2017 from May 5 to 7, where expo attendees will play an exclusive preview build on PlayStation VR.

In a virtual arena where explosive power-ups rule the battlefield and team-based strategy reigns supreme, PlayStation VR players are about to find themselves in the middle of the multiplayer VR battle of the summer. Through integrated voice chat and its famously welcoming online community, Smashbox Arena offers a fast-paced FPS experience that is as easy to dive into as it is addictingly fun.

An action-packed multiplayer VR game, Smashbox Arena throws players into a shootout battle of team versus team, power-up versus power-up. Combatants can play single-player, party up with their friends, or face off against opponents across the globe. Dive into cover, dodge and volley enemy shots, then strike back with insane power-up combos. Designed from ground up for VR, this competitive team shooter offers a 360 degree world full of stylish art, hilarious characters, and a range of wild physics-driven power-ups to crush the competition with.

Smashbox Arena is coming to Playstation VR sometime during Summer 2017. You can find out more over on the official website through this link.