Following Bayonetta’ s launch last month, SEGA are excited to announce the next in their series of best practice PC conversions – Vanquish.

Directed by Shinji Mikami, the creator of the ‘Resident Evil’ series, Vanquishis a sci-fi shooter of epic proportion. Take control of DARPA operative Sam Gideon, who has been assigned a mission to battle legions of future-tech enemies using a vast arsenal of weapons. Vanquishboasts fluid and frenetic combat, spectacular melee moves, and intense speed, wrapped in a gripping story. Vanquishis the latest best practice conversion from SEGA, and features a host of PC optimised options, including an unlocked framerate, 4k resolution support, extensive graphics options and full keyboard and mouse support.

“It was great to see the positive response from our community to the Bayonetta PC launch last month, and we are pleased that we are in a position to be able to announce Vanquish, another of our highly requested back catalogue titles,” said John Clark, Senior Vice President of Commercial Publishing for SEGA Europe. “There’s more to come from SEGA in this space, so stay tuned for further announcements.”

Vanquish is coming to PC on May 25th 2017. You can pre-purchase the game now on Steam through this link.