Relive the halcyon days of 2D action platforming from inspired ‘90s classics Heart of Darkness and Flashback by experiencing a dangerous fantasy world bursting with menacing monsters, challenging jumps, and valuable secrets hiding in plain sight while defending the Empress against the Puppet Master.

As the Keeper of the Flame, you’re on a quest to protect the Empress and save the Kingdom of Illusoria from a terrifying curse. After the Puppet Master emerges from the void, he quickly begins corrupting the land – turning every living creature into abominations that attack and kill everything in sight. In a race against time, it’s now up to you to put an end to the Puppet Master’s plans for world domination in this beautifully illustrated action platformer.

Death lurks around every corner as dangerous monsters and devious traps lie in wait. Be nimble and quick to flawlessly execute precision jumps. Roll out of the way – or crouch to dodge incoming attacks. Hold on for dear life as you cling to the edges of walls – or climb steep cliffs to clear each one of the game’s 12 action-packed levels. All of Illusoria’s environments and animations have been painstakingly painted frame by frame – with a minimalist HUD that never gets in the way. The atmospheric vibe is further enhanced by an original soundtrack – composed by Victor Riera – with an emphasis on environmental sound effects.

Cast powerful fireballs to take down enemies or protect yourself by creating a flaming shield. When all else fails, set yourself ablaze and lunge at hordes of monsters that would otherwise block your path. Knowing how and when to rely on magic is crucial if you want to defeat the Puppet Master’s legion of monsters … and live to tell the tale.

Illusoria is out now on PC. You can grab it on Steam through this link.