Happy Badger Studio have announced that May 23rd, 2017 is the official launch date for SmuggleCraft on Playstation 4 and Steam. The studio also announced ‘SmuggleCraft: Stories from the Sideways’, short stories from the world of SmuggleCraft, by narrative designer Caleb Sawyer, that are available now!

SmuggleCraft is a quest-based, hovercraft racing game placing gamers in the role of Ferre Astraea, a lone Smuggler surviving in the torn world of Dirahl. Players will encounter several factions and accept missions to increase their reputation as a Smuggler. Every track is randomly generated using over 200 track pieces, so whether you’re on a delivery run or racing against friends online, no two adventures are ever the same. Players can also customize their hovercraft, fitting it to their specific needs.

Experience epic stories from Dirahl in ‘SmuggleCraft: Stories from the Sideways’, a collection of twin-tales following Dirahlians on their daily struggles. Laborers, Rebels, and many others risk their lives everyday in hopes of a better tomorrow. Get a closer look at life in Dirahl before the game comes out, pickup ‘SmuggleCraft: Stories from the Sideways’, free on iBooks and Kindle.

SmuggleCraft is coming to the Playstation 4, PC, Mac, and Linux on May 23rd 2017. Find out more on the official website through this link.