Zero gravity developer Jake Hollands and the galactic potato farmers at Devolver Digital have released SPACEPLAN on the App Store, Google Play, and Steam for £1.99. SPACEPLAN enthusiasts can also purchase the SPACEPLAN: Potato Edition via Potato Parcel and ship a real-life Earth potato printed with the handsome SPACEPLAN logo and a Steam key right to their front door.

SPACEPLAN is an experimental piece of interaction based partly on a total misunderstanding of Stephen Hawking’s ‘A Brief History of Time’. Use manual clicks and the passage of time to create and launch potato-based devices and probes from your nondescript satellite orbiting a mysterious planet. Unlock the mysteries of the galaxy or just kill some time in what the astrophysics community is calling the ‘best narrative sci-fi clicker game of all times’.

SPACEPLAN is out now on PC, Mac, and Mobile Devices. You can check it out on Steam through this link.