Planetoid Pioneers celebrates this week’s Steam Early Access release by unveiling its official launch trailer.

At the end of lives lengthened by medical advancements, centuries-old men and women leave Earth for one last epic adventure. Empowered by cutting-edge weapons and technologies such as an advanced 3D printing tool that can rebuild everything they come across – including their own bodies – these Pioneers enjoy creatively overcoming challenges while exploring the Asteroid Belt beyond the orbit of Mars.

The Game-Only Edition will ship with more than half a dozen planetoids, each offering completely different game modes populated with vehicles, creatures, robots, items, and weapons created by Data Realms. Players can also choose from and subscribe to a rich set of user-generated content made by owners of the special Planetoid Pioneers Contributor Edition, expanding the experience in scope and depth for years to come.

Planetoid Pioneers releases its ‘Game-Only Edition’ on Steam Early Access on July 20th 2017. Find out more on the official website through this link.