We Happy Few has been confirmed for a physical release in April 2018 thanks to the help of Gearbox Publishing, with a much more extended and ‘grander vision’ for the game.

Early Access and Game Preview Program owners of We Happy Few have been able to explore a portion of the procedurally generated world, collect and craft items, and interact with the Joy-obsessed society of Wellington Wells through stealth, combat, and conformity. When the game launches in full with the help of Gearbox Publishing, players will experience how these improved mechanics come together and give rise to three protagonists, each with their own reason for giving up artificial happiness.

Each of these three playable characters has their own particular strengths―and their own dark secrets. As they attempt to survive encounters with their drug-addled former neighbors, old friends, ex-lovers, and even each other, they may dig up some long-buried secrets of Wellington Wells itself.

We Happy Few is coming to the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC on April 13th 2018. Find out more on the official website through this link.