A brand new arena, ‘The Temple of Sacrifice’, has been revealed for the free to play car-combat MOBA Heavy Metal Machines.

In the new The Temple of Sacrifice arena teams start side-by-side as they look to take the bomb and deliver it in the opposite direction through more visible paths with now more obvious shortcuts, having removed physical blockers from the circuit – making it simpler for new players. Other features include the ability to push enemies into the crusher to eliminate them, as well as system enhancements including a cleaner menu, implementation of a kill feed that shows the last kills in the top-right of the screen, and general gameplay balancing.

The Temple of Sacrifice in Heavy Metal Machines was a holy sanctuary where humankind used to pay tribute to the dark creatures that lurked underground to keep the peace. After the apocalypse and the rise of Metal City, the Temple was found by Metal Herald and became a new battleground for Heavy Metal Machines players. With a “T” shaped arena, the new area allows players to “sacrifice” their enemies for the greater good hence its name, Temple of Sacrifice.

Heavy Metal Machines is available now via Steam Early Access. Check it out on Steam through this link.