Soviet cyberpunk adventure Dreambreak has received a new trailer ahead of its console release next week.

An authoritarian state pacifying the masses with propaganda. A brutal police force that shoots first then shoots some more. An ordinary everyman named Eugene, dragged by coincidence and circumstance from a life of mundane menial tasks into a baffling world of sudden, inexplicable murder, hidden conspiracy and unrelentingly lethal robots with nasty sharp pincers and lasers coming out of everywhere.

Using every tool at your disposal, help Eugene unpick the knot of mystery that he has become enmeshed within – your equilibrium will be rocked as you cut a path through this briar patch of tangled meaning and unexpected quixotic quirks.

Dreambreak is coming to the Playstation 4 on 13th September 2017 and the Xbox One on September 15th 2017.