Critically acclaimed indie title Off Peak is gettinga spiritual successor, with the weird yet wonderful first person adventure The Norwood Suite hitting PCs next month.

The first person adventure game brings together the weird and wonderful; set in a secluded hotel in the near future, where players can explore and uncover a world of mystery, in a surreal world teeming with strange sights and sounds and filled with art, music, and secrets of the past and present.

Hotel Norwood is filled with unusual characters, with secrets and motivations of their own. As players delve into the story of the hotel, its rooms, its guests and its staff, they collect objects and mementos that characters respond and relate to. During the non-linear experience, friends need to be distinguished from foes by listening in on conversations and uncovering the character’s individual stories and secrets. The game offers a stunning narrative with suspense waiting behind every corner.

The Norwood Suite is coming to PC on October 2nd 2017.