Bigmoon Entertainment and Camel 101 have confirmed that their sci-fi horror title Syndrome is coming to consoles and PCs with VR support on October 6th.

Taking place on board the claustrophobic corridors of the SPS Valkenburg, a deep space exploration and science ship, Syndrome teems with physical threats and psychologic sci-fi horror as you use stealth and evasion to explore the desolate spaceship and unravel the catastrophic events that led to its demise.

Syndrome takes the horror genre back to its terrifying roots as players wake up on a deserted and adrift spaceship, dazed and confused from a deep cryosleep, only to discover that most of the crew are dead or… changed. In order to survive the horrors that lurk in the shadows, players must explore the eerie confines of the ship in search of the last few weapons aboard, moving as stealthily as possible to evade direct enemy combat. Amidst numerous reactive adversaries  awaiting close by, players interact with keypads and computer consoles to find clues as to what happened aboard and how to escape the deadly syndrome alive.

The game includes an endless VR Survival mode that places players in a horrifying position as they scavenge the ship for weapons and supplies to face waves after waves of enemies set to destroy and dismember anything in their sight. How many days will you survive?

Syndrome is coming to the Playstation 4 (with Playstation VR support), Xbox One, and PC with VR support (HTC Vive and Oculus Rift) on October 6th 2017. PC gamers can play the game right now without the use of VR – check it out on Steam through this link.