PQube have revealed a new trailer for their 2D action-RPG Cat Quest that reveals its Playstation 4 release date.

A 2D action-RPG set in the vast open world of Felingard, Cat Quest sends you on an epic journey to defeat the meowsterious and pawerful Drakoth, an evil cat-lord who wields terrible magic and kidnapped your sister. Joined by your guardian spirit, Spirry, you will face sinister foes and terrible dragons to uncover your destiny as the Dragonblood, the last of a long-lost race of dragonslayers.

Explore a massive overworld map, engage in timing based real-time combat, battle through the darkest of dungeons for epic loot, learn about the world through challenging side-quests, level up your spells and save the world of Felingard from certain catastrophe in Cat Quest.

Prepare for the catventure of a lifetime!

Cat Quest is coming to the Playstation 4 on 10th November 2017 in Europe and 14th November 2017 in North America. It’s available right now on PC, Mac, and Mobile Devices. Check out our review through this link.