Check out the launch trailer for the multiplayer adventure title Moon Hunters ahead of its release on the Nintendo Switch next week.

When the moon does not rise over Issaria, monsters to infest the land and cause chaos. You must set out alone or with the other chosen children of the Moon to solve the mystery and restore balance. You have only 5 days before King Mardokh and the Sun Cultists declare war.

Multiple playthroughs uncover characters, conflicts, and decisions. Each of the five tribes responds differently to the crisis and looks for different qualities in their heroes. 

Every action and choice you make contributes to your legend as a constellation in the night sky. Future generations will build upon the mythology you create. How will you be remembered?

Moon Hunters is coming to the Nintendo Switch on October 26th 2017. It’s also available now on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux.