Check out the launch trailer for ultra-violent fighter GUTS ahead of its release on PC.

GUTS is a radical fighting game that introduces original mechanics and eliminates health bars and timers. Instead, players must dismember their opponents by using deadly GUTS Moves and over-the-top environmental stage hazards to chop off arms and legs. Even while missing a limb or two, the brawl continues until one fighter emerges victorious. If nine lethal opponents weren’t enough, the controversial and politically incorrect world of GUTS features online and local multiplayer, party game modes as well as in a single-player story mode with a total of 18 different endings – two per character.

The genre-changing game features a dual-layered combo system that makes it easy to play so that someone new to fighting games may button-mash their way into dismemberments, while simultaneously allowing more seasoned fighting-game fans to perform amazing combos and difficult move sets and play at a professional competitive level.

GUTS is coming to PC on November 15th 2017, with a Playstation 4 and Xbox One release due in 2018. You can check the game out on Steam through this link.