Take part in some slick and stylish top-down racing from today with Street Heat’s release on Early Access.

Surrender your senses to the ultimate top-down racing experience! Street Heat is an action-packed four-player party-piece enhanced by vibrant neon-noir visuals and a masterful ’80s soundtrack. Go bumper-to-bumper with three other racers as you screech around corners, hurtle over deadly jumps and floor it across busy train tracks in the race for the checkered flag. 

Pick your car and livery of choice and get racing against friends, strangers or AI within seconds. But beware: spin off the track’s edge or get obliterated by the trains and your race is over until the next round!

Street Heat is out now on PC via Steam Early Access – you can check it out through this link. It’s also coming to the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in 2018.