Isn’t it awful when a game series you loved just seems to die? It’s happened a lot over the years, and whilst some make miraculous returns (look at Shenmue 3), most are left in gaming limbo.

Sometimes it’s for the best, but other times you can’t help but to imagine how great they would be in the modern day – especially with all the new technology that’s available.

Now I love Playstation VR and it has definitely got a sweet catalogue of games, but the more I’ve played it, the more I’ve thought about some classic game franchises that would work perfectly on the platform. Some of these are franchises that gamers have been craving the return of for years anyway, whilst some are just personal picks that I would love to see in virtual reality.

Take a look down below at what we think would be great franchises to be revived on PlayStation VR and see what you think. Are there other franchises you’d love to see on PlayStation VR? Let us know on Twitter and you might see your ideas appear in an upcoming feature.

10. Road Rash

We’ve seen plenty of developers try to re-create the Road Rash experience as of late, some successfully (kind-of) and some incredibly badly (Road Rage, I’m looking at you). The problem they’ve both had though is that they haven’t utilised virtual reality – I mean, isn’t it obvious?

This is why EA need to step back in and bring Road Rash to PlayStation VR. I can even tell them how it would work; hold two move controllers side-by-side horizontally to represent the handle bars of your bike and pull the triggers to accelerate, but when you release the trigger your hand comes free and you can swing out at enemies around you to smash them with your chain. See – it’s a perfect control scheme that would 100% work because I said so. You’re welcome, EA.

I genuinely think the game could work, and I mean, c’mon – who doesn’t want a new Road Rash game? It would be a creative little racer that does something different, all whilst maintaining the all-out action that made the series so popular in the 90s.

9. Katamari Damacy

Katamari Damacy is weird as hell, but there’s something so addictive about rolling an assortment of objects together as you make giant (but little) worlds out of them. It’s just a bit of silly fun that also looks absolutely charming.

Imagine playing it in virtual reality though. You know, rolling a ball around that keeps growing more and more in size with it eventually hitting an epic scale – it’d be impressive to witness. You’ll be able to look all around you, move your head around all of the items you’ve amassed, seek out any additional items around you by looking around corners of the map; sure, it’d take some tinkering, but it could definitely work.

One of the best things about virtual reality is that you genuinely feel like you’re actually there in the game world, and the world of Katamari Damacy is one I’d love to be a part of. The game is simple and charming by design and it’s something I think would translate well to virtual reality – the scale of the actions you complete would just make it all the more impressive to witness.

8. Jet Set Radio

At this point gamers would probably settle for a new Jet Set Radio game on any platform, but I think it would work really well on PlayStation VR.

Firstly, the cel-shaded style of visuals would look unreal. Whilst more realistic visuals have always worked well in PlayStation VR, I’ve always felt most impressed by games that have adopted something out of the ordinary – just look at titles like Accounting+ to see what I mean. Colourful and artsy visuals simply work in virtual reality and help immerse you into these fantasy worlds a lot more.

Secondly, the skating and graffiti based gameplay would feel great to perform. Now bear with me here, but I’m thinking you literally perform the arm motions of roller-blading at speed with the Move controllers, but then you can also use them to manually design and spray your own graffiti when tagging the various spots throughout Tokyo-to. It’s ambitious and would give gamers a hell of a work out, but it sounds fun too, right?

7. Silent Hill

So this one is a little raw, especially since I STILL haven’t got over Silent Hills getting cancelled, but after playing P.T. (a lot) and getting absolutely terrified (a lot), I think Konami would be fools not to think about revitalising the series on PlayStation VR.

You’ve only got to look at Resident Evil 7 to see how successful it could be, and that’s from a series that’s always felt a little tame compared to the disturbing nature of Silent Hill. The thought of playing P.T. in virtual reality alone terrifies me, so a whole game based around it with twisted nurses and the almighty Pyramid Head stalking me throughout? I’m already bricking myself.

Please, Konami. Just bring Silent Hill back…

6. Crazy Taxi

‘Hey, hey, hey, are you ready to make some crazy money?’

Crazy Taxi is one of those games that I absolutely adored in my younger days, both in the arcades and when I finally got to own it when it released on the PlayStation 2. It’s such a simple concept, but one that actually excels as a video game and just feels so damn good to play.

However, like a lot of the other games in this list, we haven’t seen it appear on consoles for quite some time. It’s almost understandable; it’s difficult to change up the formula that much besides changing locations, so there’s not a whole lot to really keep gamers excited. I still love it though, and that’s why I want to see it come to PlayStation VR.

We’ve already seen racers on the platform, so there’s no reason it couldn’t work. Sure, the hectic driving might be tough on some gamers’ stomachs to begin with, but that’s why there’d be both a first-person and third-person perspective to play the game. Add in a sweet soundtrack (featuring The Offspring, of course) and I think SEGA would have a virtual reality winner on their hands and a new innovative way to play a much-loved classic.

5. Silent Scope

You’re going to see a theme of arcade titles cropping up in this list, but I think the innovations that come with virtual reality work hand-in-hand with them – especially when it comes to motion controls.

Silent Scope is a fine example of this. When it came to the PlayStation 2 it didn’t have the sniper light-gun experience that the arcade offered, but rather saw you just moving a target around. It wasn’t a lot of fun.

Imagine playing it on PlayStation VR with the Aim controller though – sounds a lot better, right? I really loved playing Silent Scope in the arcades, but the fact that I couldn’t feasibly re-create the arcade experience at home was always a little disappointing. Lining up the shots in virtual reality with a huge gun accessory on the other hand would be just fine.

I’m actually surprised that no-one has looked into developing a sniper sim for PlayStation VR yet, since they always seem to be popular titles. I think it’d be a good idea (and the right time) for Konami to step up their game and bring Silent Scope back to the virtual reality loving masses.

4. Point Blank

PlayStation VR is hardly short of shooters, and hey, four of the entries in this list are based around shooting games. However, they work perfectly in virtual reality and almost everyone I know who has played on the platform has always loved doing it, so we could always do with more. One of those should be Point Blank.

Now I loved Point Blank back in the day. I even loved it to the point where I was willing to play it without the G-Con when mine broke. Anyone who played the game will remember it was all about shooting, but not at myriads of enemies; instead, there were an assortment of shooting mini-games that demanded not only a quick trigger finger but a quick mind too.

Now I know we’ve seen similar things to this recently, and even on PlayStation VR – Lethal VR did something quite similar, so this is hardly as original or innovative an idea as it was back in the day.

However, Point Blank has a real sense of personality to it. It was made for players of all ages with its silly approach to levels and targets, whilst the focus on protecting the ‘iconic’ Dr. Don and Dr. Dan made for some zany situations. There was a full-blown single player campaign called ‘Quest Mode’ too, which was a heck of a lot of fun to play. It needs to come back.

3. House of the Dead

The fact that a new House of the Dead game has just come to arcades over in Japan has seen my love for SEGA’s horrific light-gun series reignited as of late. We haven’t seen a new entry on consoles since House of the Dead: Overkill, and I genuinely believe that PlayStation VR would be a great platform to see the series return to.

We’ve seen with Until Dawn: Rush of Blood that horror on-rail shooters work perfectly on the platform, and whilst House of the Dead doesn’t necessarily take the ‘on-rail’ side so literally, being zipped across a multitude of creepy environments whilst blasting away at all sorts of monstrosities with the Move controllers (or Aim for any potential two-handed weapon mode) would be a hell of a lot of fun.

I’m thinking classic House of the Dead though, with frights and horrors aplenty; whilst I loved House of the Dead: Overkill and its ‘B-movie’ vibe, I’d rather have the ‘incredibly cheesy but takes itself seriously’ feel of the original games. I mean, we all want to ‘suffer like G did’, right?

2. Onimusha

When the original Wii was announced, I was craving a game where you could actively use a sword to slice and dice at foes. There were attempts made with the likes of Red Steel, but nothing managed to capture the essence of a good sword-fighting brawler like I wanted it to.

Having seen what Capcom did with Resident Evil 7 on PlayStation VR, I genuinely believe it could be the right time to finally bring back a re-imagined Onimusha. Imagine it: you’re playing as Samanosuke, going through a variety of Feudal Japan locales and slicing away at demons, except it’s in first-person and you’re using the Move controllers to perform all of your actions. Pretty neat, right?

Now I can appreciate that Onimusha is a much faster paced game than Resident Evil so the transition to a first-person view and virtual reality might not be an easy one, but we’re in desperate need of a title dedicated entirely to sword fighting and I think Onimusha is a series that’s been left forgotten too long. I’m sure Capcom could figure something out to make it work, and it would be glorious. Swords, demons, and the constant wagging of your arms – perfect.

1. Time Crisis

Given some of the entries on this list, you’re probably not surprised to see this at the number one slot. Time Crisis is one of the most iconic light-gun titles of all time and has been criminally unseen on consoles for a good while now – I think it’s time that it makes a comeback.

One of the things I loved about Time Crisis was how you go in and out of cover. Well that would work perfectly in PlayStation VR; you can quickly duck down or side-step with ease, whilst the free movement would essentially allow you to sneakily peek around corners too. It would absolutely nail that aspect of the game perfectly and would probably offer the most intuitive approach to the cover system that the series has seen.

Add to that the fact that the Move controllers have already been proven to work great for shooters in PlayStation VR and Bandai Namco could be on to a winner. Rather than a completely new game though, I’d like to see some remakes; I’ve got some amazing memories with the first Time Crisis game, so imagine seeing that remastered and re-released on PlayStation VR. Bundle the first three games in the series together like this, include a classic mode that includes the old blocky polygonal visuals, and add in online multiplayer for good measure – it has the potential to be one of the greatest experiences released on PlayStation VR yet.