Developer: Gamious
Publisher: Gamious
Release Date: Out Now
Format(s): PC (Reviewed), Mac, Linux

When Turmoil launched in 2016 it proved to be a popular little title, which was not only down to the addictive oil-mining gameplay it offered but also because it had a bit of a humorous side to it too (which a lot of YouTubers and streamers fully embraced). It was never a game that took itself too seriously, but that didn’t mean the player shouldn’t – besides trying to make a buck, you always had to watch your back thanks to the shady politicians and characters who wanted to get in the way of your oil-mining dream.

Well, you’ve got a new enemy in Turmoil’s recently released DLC ‘The Heat is On’ and it comes in a red-hot, burning form: magma.

For those who haven’t heard of Turmoil, it’s an oil-mining sim where you have to lease some land, dig for oil, and grease the palms of some politicians as you look to make yourself a few bucks. It might not necessarily sound like the most thrilling of experiences on paper, but believe me, the constant need to improve your resources and the quirky presentation of the game made it a charming and incredibly addictive experience.

The main addition that ‘The Heat is On’ brings to that experience is the magma which now flows beneath the land. This might not necessarily seem like the sort of thing you’d want in your land and yeah, sure, if you’re not equipped to deal with it you can expect to see it cause damage to your whole oil-mining operation. Speak to the right people and get the right equipment though, and you’ll find that it can make some speedy improvements to your rig – there’s a balance there, but once you utilise the magma properly, you’ll find those hot dollars start rolling into your bank account pretty swiftly.

The magma can completely change up how the game plays, but it’s not the only addition that ‘The Heat is On’ brings. You’ve got a whole new campaign to play through, new locations to visit, a ‘higher-lower’ card mini-game that can earn you some quick cash, new characters to meet, new treasures to find, and a few revamps to the core gameplay (including an improved auction system). It certainly doesn’t hold back in the additional content, and for the low price of £3.99 you can’t really go wrong.

That being said, ‘The Heat is On’ doesn’t really re-invent the wheel either. If you’ve never enjoyed playing Turmoil, it’s not going to change your mind – the game still feels the same to play, regardless of the new additions it has received. Those who already loved it will quite literally be in their oils though, with the DLC providing plenty of new content for them to really sink their teeth into that’ll last a good few hours. It’s all well-designed, properly presented, and makes for a fair bit of fun.

Should you buy it


It’s a little hard to tell how much of a game-changer ‘The Heat is On’ really is – sure, it spices up the gameplay, but not to the point where you have to play Turmoil in a completely different way. That’s not a bad thing by any means though, and those who enjoyed the base game the first time around will certainly have a blast with everything that the DLC brings.

Those who didn’t enjoy it won’t find anything here to change their mind, though. What it boils down to is this: if you really enjoyed Turmoil, you simply must own ‘The Heat is On’. If you didn’t, don’t feel bad about giving it a miss. On a ‘value for money’ basis alone though, Gamious deserve some praise for releasing a low-priced piece of content that offers plenty of hours of playtime.

Our DLC reviews don’t utilise a scoring system like our traditional reviews, but instead a recommendation of whether we think you should buy it or not based upon the quality of the content and the price you pay for it.