Developer Abyssal Arts have confirmed that their upcoming real-time tactical RPG City of the Shroud will release on Steam on August 9th 2018. They’ve also released a new trailer that reveals a bit more about the story:

Iskendrun’s collapse seems inevitable as the nobility continues to neglect the poorest citizens while pursuing an unsustainable conquest of neighboring countries, bringing the city to the brink of bloody civil war. Faceless evil looms, increasing tension among the people and widening the division between the city’s five political factions.

The fight for power won’t be easy, but it will be fun. City of the Shroud combines tactical RPG elements with classic fighting game inputs that result in intense, devastating combos that play out in real-time. Down, left, up, right – the game’s Combo Wheel draws inspiration from the traditional d-pad to promote think-on-your-feet strategy in new ways.

Players must choose their foes carefully, though. Future chapters of Iskendrun’s story will see political shifts based on allegiances sworn by members of the community, as well as their decisions within those factions. While it’s possible to revisit decisions and story branches by replaying the game, every decision has permanent consequence, as only the first playthrough of each player will contribute to the narrative direction of subsequent chapters. Become a part of history: join City of the Shroud’s writers and community as they craft this tumultuous tale together.

City of the Shroud is coming to PC and Mac on August 9th 2018, with a ‘Definitive Edition’ releasing on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime in 2019. You can add the game to your Steam wish list right now through this link.