There’ve been rumblings of its release for some time now, but Rockstar have finally confirmed that Nightclubs will be coming to GTA Online in July.

What does this mean? Well, players will be not only be able to purchase their own Nightclub as an alternative means of money-making (who needs criminal activities, right?), but also customise it in a variety of ways to offer the best nightlife that Los Santos has EVER seen. I’m hoping to get something going along the lines of the Malibu Club in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, but we’ll see.

It’s been confirmed that gamers will be able to take full control of setting up the night club, designing its interior, choosing staff and even performing promotional work – details are sparse as to what exactly this consists of right now, but it seems as though you’ll really be able to take full control as far as running the club is concerned. Real life DJs are also on board to perform at your Nightclub including the likes of Solomun, Tale of Us, Dixon and The Black Madonna. Sure, I might not have heard of any of them, but I’m sure they’re recognisable names to those more involved in the clubbing scene.

Interestingly, running the Nightclub is being described as ‘honest work’, though I’m sure it’ll offer more than a few ways to get your hands dirty in the long run. It is Grand Theft Auto we’re talking about here, after all…

Grand Theft Auto Online

Rockstar have also confirmed that players who log in from today until Monday July 2nd will be added to the ‘Guest List’, which offers a variety of different bonuses to players. You can find out more about that below:

Get on the guest list for access to the best of LS club life along with extracurricular business perks. Log into GTA Online at any point between today and Monday July 2nd and you will be automatically added to the Guest List. As a thank you for joining the Guest List, return to GTA Online between July 3rd – 9th and you’ll get GTA$300,000 and an exclusive Orange Wireframe Bodysuit (GTA$ will be deposited in Maze Bank accounts no later than July 9th).

Qualifying Guest List players can return to GTA Online later in July to receive new and exclusive rewards for logging in each week including:

– Bonus cash each week ranging between GTA$100,000 to GTA$350,000
– Exclusive discounts on forthcoming vehicles like the powerful MTL Pounder Custom – a highly customizable asset for your lucrative business deliveries
– Exclusive liveries on new vehicles like the Ocelot Swinger classic sports car
– New nightclub themed t-shirts

I think frequent GTA Online players will certainly want to find their way on the Guest List ASAP, so log in today and make sure you make yourself a VIP!

Rockstar are expected to release more details on the upcoming Nightclubs in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for more details. We’ll be releasing a detailed feature on the Nightclubs when they launch next month.