It’s always nice to see a surprise launch of a video game, especially when it’s one I’ve been looking forward to for some time like Raw Fury’s Bad North. Well, Nintendo Switch fans are in for a treat, with the game launching TODAY.

Welcome to Bad North, a minimalist real-time tactics roguelite where you must stand your ground against the multitudes of Vikings who want to see your head on the receiving end of their axes. Command troops to defend your land, develop them into different classes each with their own unique skills, and equip hero units with items that grant special abilities. Sail from island to island in a procedurally generated campaign and fight your way to victory in a game that is deceptively simple to pick up but with plenty of depth for strategy veterans.

It’s also coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next week on August 28th, so not too long to wait for non-Switch owners. A PC release is also due later this year.