Celebrate the release of Square Enix’s brilliant Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age today by checking out the glorious launch trailer. It’s available on both PlayStation 4 and PC (sorry Xbox fans!), and you can find out some details about the new RPG below:

Long-time fans and new players alike will experience the captivating tale of a hunted hero as he travels on a journey with an endearing cast of loyal companions to unravel the mystery of his fate. Dragon Quest XI brings together the finest features of the Dragon Quest series in the best way possible, with a finely tuned and accessible strategic combat system, bright and beautiful graphics, charming characters, and an enchanting story.

Dragon Quest XI was developed with the intention of eliminating the need for post-game DLC by providing a complete experience out of the box. In addition to featuring tons of content, the Western release of Dragon Quest XI delivers several upgrades and enhancements that were not in the Japanese release.