GTA Online players hoping to unlock the Double-Action Revolver and Stone Hatchet ready for use in Red Dead Redemption 2 will want to act quickly – the game comes out this week (yesss!) and if they do it by October 29th they’ll also unlock an additional cash bonus for use in GTA Online (meaning there’s a lovely $1,000,000 in-game cash to be earned).

Each challenge is actually pretty fun to complete and neither take too long either. You can grab details of what you need to do below:

Double-Action Revolver

Grand Theft Auto Online

Keep an eye out for an in-game e-mail from ‘’ to kick start the treasure hunt to find the Double-Action Revolver. From there you’ll be given a photo of a specific location that’s then marked on your map, where you have simply hunt for a note that’s attached to an object in the environment. Since the location given to you is random, this note can be hard to find – however, when near you’ll hear the sound of a wind chime, so that’s a good clue that you’re close.

Once you find the note you’ll be given three additional areas to search for. They’re all clearly marked on the map, so again, explore through them and listen out for a wind chime. Once completed, the location for the Double-Action Revolver will be marked on your map for you to go and collect. Simple!

After that, you’re challenged with landing fifty head-shots with the gun – do this and you’ll not only unlock the Double-Action Revolver for use in Red Dead Redemption 2, but also land yourself a neat $250,000 in-game cash too. It’s worth noting that the head-shots can be done against NPCs in freeplay, so you can use go on a killing spree across the city if that’s easier for you.

Stone Hatchet

Grand Theft Auto Online

Maude will send you a text in-game asking you to complete some bounty hunts in order to unlock the Stone Hatchet. There are only five to complete in total, but they could be in one of twenty different locations, so there’ll be a bit of searching involved. Fortunately, as soon as you see your target in-game they’ll get marked on your map, so you shouldn’t be left hunting them down too long – a few can be pretty difficult to find though, so make sure you search through every nook and cranny.

Once you kill a target, it’ll take a few minutes before Maude sends you a text to hunt down the next. Just drive around or get a helicopter in the mean-time, since some of the targets can be pretty far away. Once all five targets are killed you’ll unlock the Stone Hatchet – a powerful melee weapon that’s not only powerful to use (it can one-hit kill most enemies), but also satisfying too (in a sadistic sort of way).

The challenge with the Stone Hatchet is easier, with the player only having to get twenty-five kills – again, like the Double-Action Revolver, you’ll not only unlock the weapon for use in Red Dead Redemption 2 but also get $250,000 in-game cash. Like the head-shots, these kills can be achieved against NPCs too, so it shouldn’t take players too long.

It’s worth noting that you’ll need to use the same Rockstar Social Club account in GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption 2 in order to access the extra weapons, so bear that in mind.

Besides the challenges, GTA Online users get new weekly bonuses as per usual. Check out the image below for some of this week’s highlights:

Grand Theft Auto Online

It’s not long until Red Dead Redemption 2 launches now, with the game hitting the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 26th. That’s this Friday. THIS FRIDAY.

Be warned though: some folk have got their hands on the game early and have been leaking content online, so if you want to avoid spoilers you might want to stay away from social media. There’s not long to wait now, so it’d be a shame to see some of the game’s best bits or have plot points ruined for you so close to release.