Square Enix wrapped up their ‘The Creation of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers’ series today with the sixth and final episode, ‘Building the Battles’.

You can find out more about ‘Building the Battles’ and check out previous episodes down below:

Episode One: Telling a Tale’ explores lore and narrative, and features interviews with:

  • Naoki Yoshida (Producer and Director)
  • Banri Oda (World Lore Creator and Main Scenario Writer)
  • Natsuko Ishikawa (Main Scenario Writer)

Episode Two: Forging the First’ explores the creation of Norvrandt, and features interviews with:

  • Takeo Suzuki (Art Team Lead)
  • Masato Shida (Background Artist)
  • Arata Takahashi (Lead Level Designer)

Episode Three: Shaping the Styles’ explores new races, gear sets and character redesigns, and features interviews with:

  • Ayumi Namae (Character Concept Artist)
  • Yuji Yamazaki (Character Artist)

Episode Four: Making the Monsters’ explores enemy designs, and features interviews with:

  • Shinya Ichida (Art Team Lead)
  • Yusuke Mogi (Lead Character Concept Artist)

Episode Five: Spawning the Sounds’ explores music and audio design, and features interviews with:

  • Masayoshi Soken (Sound Director and Composer)
  • Go Kinuya (Sound Designer)

Episode Six: Building the Battles’ explores combat and the Trust System, and features interviews with:

  • Masaki Nakagawa (Lead Battle Content Designer)
  • Tsuyoshi Yokozawa (Lead Battle System Designer)

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers is available now on the PlayStation 4 and PC.