Developer Lightshards and publisher Abiding Bridge have unveiled Time Rift: Escape From Speedjail (that’s one hell of a name), a fast-paced puzzle-shooter that sees players tinkering with time as they look to break out of the ominous sounding Speedjail.

Check out some additional information about the game down below:

Time Rift is a fast-paced puzzle-shooter, where players will crash through causality and rewind time to escape from the 60 stages of Speedjail. Thinking fast, avoiding traps and a steady aim will only get them so far – to beat Time Rift they’ll have to manipulate the flow of time itself, in a world drenched in 80s neon aesthetics and a hard-hitting retro soundtrack that evolves as the game progresses.

The player is trapped in Speedjail, an environment constantly moving in one direction that is deadly to the touch. The only way for players to survive is to shoot their way through enemies, navigate through narrow mazes and change the jail’s direction of movement in mind-bending puzzles – all under intense time pressure. A feat that would be almost impossible were it not for 3Li4, the ship’s artificial intelligence, that gives you the ability to manipulate and even rewind time.

Time Rift: Escape From Speedjail is launching on PCs in 2020.