Following on from the release of the final episode earlier this month, Song of Horror developer Protocol Games have today released a new update that brings with it an additional playable character, more paranormal events, and a new extreme difficulty mode that ramps up the tension tenfold.

They’ve also revealed a brand new accolades trailer, which you can check out down below:

You can find out more information about what’s included in the update down below:

The new H.P. Lovecraft difficulty setting serves as Song of Horror hardest difficulty level yet, noticeably increasing the challenge throughout all five chapters. Players will experience more paranormal events than ever before, and The Presence’s haunting manifestations will be tougher to beat. Coming out on top when playing this new difficulty will also award them a brand new achievement: “The Presence waits dreaming”.

“It stands to reason that, if you play a survival-horror title, the horror element is crucial,” says Carlos G. F. Grupeli, co-founder of Protocol Games. “We want to make sure players who have already completed the whole game can delve back into Song of Horror and take on The Presence once more, but this time with even more mal-intent. We think fans will really enjoy us upping the ante even further with the H.P. Lovecraft difficulty setting.”

Also included in the free update will be Erica Färber, who is now playable in Episode 5. Erica was previously only available in Episodes 2 and 4. After going through unspeakable horrors at the Abbey of Saint Cecilia and the antique store, a final answer still eludes Erica, and as fans know, she’s not one to sit idly by…

Finally, notable new instances of random paranormal activity will take place in Jeremy Hartwood Mental Hospital, making the adventure through this cursed place even scarier than before!

Song of Horror is available now on PC – you can check it out on Steam through this link. It’s also due to hit the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later in 2020.