Publisher DotEmu have confirmed that the cult classic RPG Ys Origin will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch later this year, bringing with it an epic story that explores the origins of the Ys series and, of course, frantic action-orientated gameplay.

Ys Origin joins aspiring knight Yunica Tovah and mage Hugo Fact, two fighters desperately searching for the Goddesses that have abandoned them. Together the duo must best the demonic forces lurking within an enormous tower before the beasts reach humanity’s sanctuary in the clouds. With tons of powerful loot to earn, distinct scenarios and playstyles between each character as well as secrets to unveil, Ys Origin is a deep, compelling RPG experience.

Ys Origin will introduce Switch owners to the series’ exciting blend of combo-focused, arcade-paced combat, platforming, and challenging puzzles.

Ys Origin is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year -it’s also available right now on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. You can check out our review of the Xbox One version of the game through this link.