Game publishers can be pretty creative in their marketing for upcoming releases, but even this one caught me off-guard – four members of Arsenal’s unbeaten ‘Invincibles’ from the 2003/04 Premier League season have reunited to play Marvel’s Avengers in co-operative action. Pretty weird, right? Especially since Ashley Cole’s exit from Arsenal wasn’t exactly well received…

Still, even as a Manchester United fan it’s something I can really appreciate. You can check out the trailer down below:

The squad, led by veteran Invincible, Ray Parlour, consisted of legendary French winger, Robert Pires, towering centre-back, Sol Campbell, and they all received a welcome surprise when The Invincible’s dominant left-back and current Chelsea U15’s coach, Ashley Cole, returned to join forces with his former teammates. Each of the squad powered up their PS4 from home and connected online to take on the year’s biggest videogame release, Marvel’s Avengers, to find out if their Invincible DNA transferred from the football field to the field of Superhero charged action.

During hours of intense play they reminisce about their Invincible season, revealing whether they celebrated Liverpool losing to Watford last season to preserve their history-breaking record, which divided opinion between the players!

Sol Campbell also emphatically revealed that he would happily join Mikel Arteta’s coaching staff at Arsenal coaching following an Invincible shaped hole with the departure of Freddie Ljunberg, shouting ‘Put my name forward!’ down the microphone.

The heroic foursome recalled some of their most challenging duels in the mid-2000s to prepare themselves for Marvel’s Avengers, with Ray Parlour delivering the rallying cry, ‘Right lads, let’s imagine we’re playing Manchester United at Old Trafford’ as they loaded into battle.

Talking about his experience playing Marvel’s Avengers, Ashley Cole said: “It was so good to play with the boys again. I’d missed the feeling of having Sol Campbell to back me up in a tricky situation and have Pires looking good ahead of me but not turning around to help me out, it really did feel like old times! Re-assembling to play Marvel’s Avengers was the perfect excuse to relive some of those golden memories, it’s just a shame we weren’t quite as Invincible with a controller in our hands!”

Sol Campbell, who took the role as Hulk during the session, said: “It was a great excuse to remind the boys who’s the powerhouse in our team, and whether it’s the football pitch or the TV screen I’m always going to want to smash my opponents around. It was a pleasure to see the lads again and bring the good times back.”

Team leader and veteran of the group, Ray Parlour, said: “We showed the character that made our team Invincible, it’s not just about winning games, it’s about learning from setbacks, knowing the different skills we all bring to the table and putting them all together on the fly. You can’t match the feeling of winning as a team so it was a genuine thrill to get back together with the boys and bring the magic back.”

Robert Pires, speaking from his new home in Ibiza, said: “I’m not a professional gamer but by the end of the session I felt like I had superpowers! The boys helped me when I needed it like a good team always does.”

Imagine playing online and ending up with one of these guys in your team… madness.

Marvel’s Avengers is coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 4th 2020 – it will also be available on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X later this year. You can find out more on the official website through this link.